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Usine 106U

111, rue Roy Est, Montreal, QC, H2W 1M1


With local artists working on the premises and an eclectic selection of art, Usine 106U is more than your average art gallery.



Type | Galeries
Paiement | Argent comptant

Quartier | Plateau Mont-Royal
Se rendre | Sherbrooke Metro
Intersection | Avenue Coloniale


Sat-Wed, 12PM – 6PM Thu-Fri, 12PM – 9PM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 23 novembre 2007

Escape from the Ordinary
Going boldly where no art gallery has ever gone before, Usine 106U opened to fill an artistic void in Montreal. It began when a collective of artists who realized that "street art," like graffiti and murals, was generally excluded from traditional or commercial galleries. Thus, In March 2007, a few local artists banded together to open their own gallery on rue Roy Est in the Plateau neighbourhood.

A Treat for all the Senses
The goal of the Usine 106U is to address the senses of visitors -- art that speaks to people, or makes them think, laugh and react. Housed in an old industrial building, the gallery holds exhibitions that change frequently. With its 14-foot ceilings, the gallery showcases everything from sculptures to stuffed animals to postcards. The sense of clutter and randomness is enhanced by having some art suspended from the ceilings or stacked upon other pieces.

Physical Extension of an Art Collective
Usine 106U literally acts as a physical extension of an artistic collective. Each month, around 25 different artists (mostly local) set up a collective exhibition in the art gallery. There is also a handful of permanent artists that work within the gallery, often working on projects in the company of visitors. In addition, the large majority of the exhibition sales money goes directly to the artist. The gallery receives a reasonable usage fee and a small percentage of the sale. And with its monthly exhibitions, Usine 106U reminds us that there is plenty of creativity to go around.


Take note: The opening night of each new exhibition is held the first Thursday of every month, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.