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Salon Montreal - Tour du Stade Olympique

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For a breathtaking sight, head to the summit of this spectacular Montreal Tower.



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Observatory/Funicular: Every day: 9AM-7PM (high season), 9AM-5PM (low season, except during maintenance from early January to mid-February)

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 23 septembre 2008

A Breathtaking Panorama
It was in 1969 that Montreal’s most famous mayor, sir Jean Drapeau, bid for the 1976 Olympic Games. The city won, and won an Olympic Park as a consequence. This one was built on a large, vacant lot in the East end, and it took 10 years to finalize construction of the Montreal Olympic Tower and its unique observatory. Since its inauguration in 1987, the tower has welcomed over four million visitors, proving it was worth waiting for it to be achieved. The breathtaking panorama of the place earned the highest available rating of three stars in the Michelin Guide, and the building is now part of the World Federation of Great Towers.

For the Record
Standing tall at 175 meters, with an impressive inclination of 45 degrees, the Montreal Tower is the tallest leaning tower in the world. The glassed funicular that is attached to it allows access to the Observatory all in offering a breathtaking view of the area. The funicular travels at a speed of 2.8 meters per second, and makes 100 round-trips daily. It also happens to be the only funicular in the world that can carry 76 passengers at a time, and operate on a curved structure.

Multiple Possibilities
Available to rent, two reception rooms are located at the summit of the Tower: the Montreal Salon and the cocktail room. Tickets and packages are available in the Tourist Hall of the Tower: visit the Observatory, or take a guided tour of the Stadium and Sports Centre. The Auditorium, containing 180 flip-up seats and a whole lot of audio-visual material, is also available for rent.