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Plaza Saint-Hubert Inc

6841, rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC, H2S 2M7

514-276-8501 | Site web

Plaza St-Hubert is an outdoor mall that spans four city blocks on St-Hubert between Bellechasse and Jean-Talon.



Paiement | MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Interac

Se rendre | Between Beaubien and Jean-Talon Metro
Intersection | Rue Bélanger


Mon-Wed: 10AM-6PM Thurs-Fri: 10AM-9PM Sat: 10AM-5PM Sun: 12PM-5PM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 10 septembre 2008

One Street Has It All
The Plaza Saint-Hubert houses over 400 boutiques and services, and has been an important cultural, social and commercial artery of Montreal since its first development, in 1959. It was first founded with the purpose of backing small retailers who were struggling to survive against major competitors. This strip regroups various boutiques and service points, offering items for every tastes and every budget, from women’s retail fashion stores to a public swimming pool.

A Shop for Everyone
St-Hubert Street is situated at the heart of some of Montreal’s most popular and residential neighborhoods, making it an heteroclite meeting point, as colorful as its boutiques display windows. You will find over 15 jewelry shops and children’s wear boutiques such as Chic Bébé or Club Garçons. Ladies, head to 1st Avenue, Lola Bella or Crazy Lily for some original and affordable clothing. Brides to be will find all they need in one of the Plaza’s numerous bridal boutiques, from clothing to accessories and at every price.

You Can Learn, Too!
Plaza St-Hubert is not only an outdoor shopping mall, it is also home to more than ten schools, including various beauty institutes, continuous education, dance, language, theatre, and professional schools. After a class or a shopping day, stop for a bite to eat at one of the street’s numerous fast food eateries, which include McDonald’s, Subway or Valentine or indulge in some more serious gourmet luncheon at the neighborhood’s famous Queue de Cochon. Finally, wander around at night and stop for a drink or a dancing session at Le Petit Medley or the Zoobizarre, where entertainment and music await you.