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Pho Bang New York

1001 St Laurent, Montreal, QC, H2Z 1J4


It’s cheap, it’s fast and it’s almost out of control. A steady stream of customers flows in and out of Pho Bang New York at a rapid rate, making it one of Chinatown’s most popular noodle emporiums.

Catégorie: Restaurant


Type de cuisine | Vietnamienne
Ambiance | Décontracté
Type de repas | Dîner, Souper
Caractéristiques | Pas d'alcool
Prix moyen |
Paiement | Argent comptant

Quartier | Centre-ville
Se rendre | Place-d'Armes Metro
Intersection | Viger


Daily: 10AM-9:30PM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 24 octobre 2008

Bowls of Plenty
Inside, the focus is on steaming bowls of Vietnamese pho, fragrant meal-in-one soups that are served up at top speed. Available in small, medium or enormous, the delicate anise-tinged broth is laced with plentiful slices of beef (with or without tendon) and noodles. Along with the requisite containers of soy, hoisin and chili sauce that grace the tables, garnishes of fresh bean sprouts and Asian basil are brought to patrons to allow you to customize your order, DIY style.

Popular & Cheap
This spot is perfect if you’re downtown, hungry and don’t have a lot of money in your pocket but want something good. You can go hot and spicy or mild and flavourful and get the meal fast. It’s also an experience to enter this home of fast Asian food, bustling with people and fragrant smells.

Point and Pick Menu
Meals in solid form are also available, many of which are presented in photo form on the menu to assist in choosing. Start with an order of spring rolls wrapped in rice paper and stuffed with shrimp, mint leaves and vermicelli, followed by a plate of brochettes, such as grilled chicken in a semi-sweet glaze. Those in need of a real energy boost may opt to finish off with Vietnamese coffee, created from slow drip java and condensed milk. Alternately, a tall glass of tangy house lemonade refreshes on a cold day.