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Le Georgia

5112, boulevard Décarie, Montreal, QC, H3X 2H9


One step into Le Georgia is all it takes to be transported to a warm, cozy Eastern European home.

Catégorie: Restaurant


Type de cuisine | Europe centrale, Europe de l'ouest, Russe
Prix moyen |
Paiement | Argent comptant

Quartier | Côte-des-Neiges/NDG
Se rendre | Snowdon Metro
Intersection | Chemin Queen Mary


Mon-Fri: 12PM–10PM Sat –Sun: 2PM-12AM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 22 novembre 2007

Home Sweet Home
The dark wood furniture, solid red drapes and large fireplace invite diners into the warmth of the restaurant, especially during Montreal's own frigid winters. This small eatery is run by a quaint Russian family that prepares each dish with loving care. Le Georgia is a great place for a small group to dine or have a casual date. Ask the staff how anything is made and they'll be more than happy to reveal the technique that goes into the slow cooking and patient preparation required for Russian cuisine. Located in Côtes-des-Neiges, this well-kept secret is appropriately located alongside a variety of other ethnic restaurants.

Diverse and Traditional Menu
Le Georgia boasts an assortment of vodkas, typically taken in ice cold shots before the meal is served. Vodka isn't the only drink of choice though. Russians are heavy black tea drinkers and as you'll discover at Le Georgia, typically drink it in glasses. The Georgian influence in the family leads to the addition of wine, a drink going back thousands of years in Georgian culture. A meal here should start with one of the hearty soups on the menu, made with fresh ingredients like beets, potatoes, egg, ham, cucumber or green onion and served with a plate of homemade bread. Main dishes are filling and portions are generously loaded with meat, potatoes, vegetables, bread, cheese and the many other components of Eastern European dining.

Perogies and Kharcho
Photos of all their dishes hang in the windows so you can see just how appetizing the beef stroganoff, stuffed crepes and perogies are. Other more exotic dishes include the Georgian satsivi, made of chicken smothered in an aromatic sauce and garnished with ground walnuts or the lamb kharcho, a spicy dish accented by paprika, coriander, carrots, bell peppers and garlic. Dessert choices are equally as exotic and rich, as this Eastern European cuisine places heavy emphasis on walnuts, pomegranates, raisins and spice.