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Fous Du Cirque (Les)

175 boulevard Ford, Chateauguay, QC, J6J 4Z2

450-699-6779 | Site web

The Châteauguay circus and gymnastics school offers youth and children an introduction to the world of physical and acrobatic performance.

Catégorie: Lieu de loisirs


Paiement | Chèque, Argent comptant

Quartier | Rive-Sud
Se rendre | Parallel to Highway 30
Intersection | Boulevard Pierre-Boursier


Monday to Friday, 4:30PM to 9PM, Day cAMp (summer): 7AM to 8PM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 06 mars 2009

Tumbling with Knowledge
Founded by gymnast and acrobat Jacinthe Émard, Les Fous Du Cirque circus and gymnastic school (crazy about circus and gymfly) welcomes anyone who is interested in developing their body in space. Whether for a child learning how to stay balanced or a young gymnast working on a specific discipline, or even a person who discovers their poetic and acrobatic side, this school is perfect to consider your exploration. This safe environment is supervised by qualified trainers from the gymnastics federation and the national circus school. Perfect your education or that of your child.

Two in One
This school has two functions, and so it has specific programmes for both a recreational or professional approach. Competitive gymnastics includes the uneven bars, the pommel horse, floor exercises, and the balance beam. Acrobatic circus, on the other hand, offers juggling, unicycle, trapeze, hoops, aerial fabric acrobatics, climbing rope, as well as general acrobatics (contortions, spins, jumps). Just choose your favourite and jump into it… and learn to land gracefully!

Reserved Days
Sundays are completely reserved for training location rentals. Whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party, a day camp or school trip, the premises and equipment are available under the supervision of trainers and animators. Also, for those who would like to train alone or simply try gymnastics on their own, at first, the premises offers private lessons for adults. So, why wait?