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Fort Angrignon

Boulevard des Trinitaires / rue Lacroix, Montreal, QC

514-872-3816 Télécopieur: 514-768-4757 | Site web | Email

Fort Angrignon’s challenging and educational obstacle courses will make for a memorable day.



Type | Parcs et jardins
Paiement | Chèque, Interac

Quartier | Montréal et environs, Lasalle/Lachine


Mon-Fri: 9AM-3:30PM & 4PM to midnight, Sat-Sun: 10AM-11:30PM & 12PM-2:30PM & 3PM-5:30PM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 01 mai 2008

Friendly Challenges
Located in the charming Angrignon Park, at the south-western point of the Island of Montreal, Fort Angrignon offers an original program of entertainment during which kids, teens and whole families can share in the fun. Challenge your friends to a friendly competition. You’ll be laughing until your sides hurt while attempting to complete a bunch of tasks. You’ll spend an exhilarating day in the dynamic, feverish, and exciting atmosphere that is Fort Angrignon.

May the Best One Win!
Do you want to see what you’re capable of? Do you want to stretch your limits and try something new? Or maybe you simply want to get rid of all the stress you’ve built up. Then throw yourself into the challenges of the Fort, where labyrinths and climbing games will test your physical and intellectual strengths. For example, don your helmet and get ready to climb, reach and traverse a lively obstacle course. You’ll desperately search for the correct path through the six stages of the labyrinth.

Create Your Own Event
Come celebrate a family member’s birthday, organize a corporate event that will go down in the books, challenge your friend to a few competitions or take a field trip to this educational and recreational environment. With a team of highly skilled monitors and hosts, a bunch of unique activities, and a safe environment, it is not surprising that Fort Angrignon has such a great reputation!