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Club West Island

205, Alton Drive, Beaconsfield, QC, H9W 2Z5


West Islanders flock to this all-around fitness centre that boasts a tennis court, spinning classes and even a restaurant.

Catégorie: Lieu de loisirs

Quartier | Montréal et environs
Se rendre | St-Charles exit off Highway 40
Intersection | St. Charles


Monday-Friday 6AM - 10PM; Saturday-Sunday 7AM - 10PM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 14 janvier 2009

Move Your Body
Even if you’re a couch potato, Club West Island likely has the activity that will get you off the couch and into its spacious, modern facility. Located in the heart of Beaconsfield, the club is solid proof that full-service fitness facilities are not just for downtown power lunchers. Open seven days a week, the centre has a range of fitness amenities including indoor tennis and squash courts, on-site personal trainers and a range of fitness classes including pilates, yoga and spinning. There’s even a dance class for those who prefer to get their groove on instead of toiling on a treadmill and daycare facilities for parents of young children.

Go Team!
To foster a community atmosphere, the club has tennis and squash leagues, which pit members against each other in friendly bouts during scheduled weekly matches. Looking to play doubles but finding yourself single? No worries: the club can find a partner for you.

Post-Workout Munchies?
You can quell those stomach rumbles at Cheevzz, Club West Island’s on-site restaurant. Serving a mouth watering mix of healthy snacks and indulgent treats including fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, pizzas and pastas, you won’t be able to resist that post-workout snack. If you’re still watching your weight, try their healthy broccoli salad with yogurt dressing and feta cheese. To satisfy a more ravenous appetite, dig into their deep dish Philly steak pizza for a real cheat treat! Available for dining in, take-out or delivery.