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Churros Montréal

7497, rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC, H2R 2N5


This restaurant is the place for Uruguayan fare and the popular Spanish doughnut churros, must haves for any local or tourist.

Catégorie: Restaurant


Type de cuisine | Amérique du sud, Espagnole
Ambiance | Décontracté
Type de repas | Plats légers
Caractéristiques | Pour emporter
Prix moyen | 20$ et moins
Paiement | Argent comptant

Quartier | Villeray/Rosemont
Se rendre | Jean-Talon Metro
Intersection | Faillon


Vary, call ahead

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 18 février 2009

One of a kind
After opening on June 16, 1999, Montrealers quickly discovered the churros, a unique and delicious fried pastry most commonly seen in Spain. Churros Montreal is a small and cozy place for families and individuals looking for a quick and inexpensive meal. They can serve 20 people in their space on St-Hubert Street. The décor is blue and white, highlighting the colours of both the Quebec and Uruguay flags.

This restaurant’s most poplar dish is its namesake. The churros is a deep fried pastry-based treat known to many as a Spanish doughnut. Its name originates from its shape, which resembles the Churro breed of sheep from Castilla, Spain. The snack is popular in Latin America and can be eaten for breakfast dipped in coffee or hot chocolate. Churros are moist and light on the inside with a crispy exterior usually sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon. This six-inch pastry is made of flour and water, and then piped from a churrera, a syringe with a star-shaped nozzle, giving it ridged edges. They are fried in vegetable oil and can be straight, spiral, or curled in shape. Churros can be served natural, or filled with caramel or chocolate.

Uruguayan Cuisine
Churros Montreal also serves various Uruguayan dishes, making this restaurant a must try for any Montrealer with a taste for something different. On the menu are a variety of empanadas, small pies filled with cheese, meat, or spinach that are usually eaten as an entrée. Taste the “Milanesa a caballo” as your main dish, a breaded meat with eggs on top and fries on the side. Churros Montreal also has various alfajores, or cakes, if your sweet tooth hasn’t been filled yet. They also sell products from South America at reasonable prices.