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Café Bistro La Marinara

1218, rue Stanley, Montréal, QC, H3B 2S7


Where the charm of the French bistro meets Italian culinary pizzaz!

Catégorie: Restaurant


Type de cuisine | Italienne
Ambiance | Bistro, Intime, Romantique
Type de repas | Dîner, Desserts et crème glacée, Souper
Prix moyen |
Paiement | Interac, MasterCard, American Express, Visa

Quartier | Centre-ville
Se rendre | Peel Metro
Intersection | Cypress


Mon-Fri: 11AM-9:30PM Sat: 5PM-9:30PM

Profil Dernière mise-à-jour: 05 mai 2008

A Subtle Ambiance…
Tucked away on one of downtown’s quieter streets, Bistro le Marinara has subtlety down to an art. Warm colours and soft light, potted plants and flickering candles create a soothing, unassuming atmosphere. Music plays low and ambient, setting the tone but never intruding on the conversation. For this reason, Marinara is best suited for romantic dinners or quiet business lunches. Designed in the style of the French bistro, it specializes in Italian pasta dishes. Primavera, Bolognese, alfredo, carbonara, amatriciana: the usual suspects are present in all kinds of savoury permutations. Of particular interest is the gnocchi (pasta shells stuffed with potato) which is handmade on the premises.

See What’s Cooking
Waiting for your entree may be quite enjoyable if the appetizer menu is anything to go by. Seafood lovers will delight at the chance to try the calamari or shrimp, with vegetarians coveting the zucchini. On the French side of Marinara’s spectrum you will also find succulent escargot. This sampling of French cuisine provides an interesting prelude before plunging headfirst into hearty Italian goodness. You might even catch a preliminary glimpse of your meal over the glass of the visible kitchen.

Versatility in Veal
Veal with tomato sauce. Veal with egg. If you’re looking for veal, there may be no restaurant in the city better suited to your needs. And where you’ll pay through the nose for such selection elsewhere, Marinara’s meals are modestly priced. Yes, even the veal with cream. Like it crispy? Why not try the breaded veal, or bring crispy and cream together in sonorous harmony with the veal parmigiana. Did we mention the veal with lemon?