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1411, rue Lapierre, Ville Lasalle, QC, H8N 2J4


The Aquadome fitness centre in LaSalle offers one of the best places in town to go for a dip or to seriously workout.



Payment | Interac, MasterCard, Visa


Neighbourhood | Lasalle/Lachine


Since the schedule is quite subject to change, we suggest you call Aquadôme for the opening hours.

Profile Last Updated: August 23, 2007

Giant Swimming Pools
The Aquadôme fitness centre in LaSalle offers Montrealers one of the best places in town to take a leisurely dip or engage in some rigorous physical activity. Featuring two large and spacious indoor swimming pools—one of which is a six-corridor pool and the other one an eight-corridor—there is plenty of breathing room for visitors to enjoy themselves.

Indoor Fun and Exercise
Apart from the free swim sessions at the Aquadôme, the centre's indoor pools are also fully equipped with several waterslides that are fun for the entire family. As well, Aquadôme also offers several types of swimming courses for Montrealers of all ages and skill levels, including fitness, maternity, adult and children's courses. So if you're looking for an indoor pool to stay in shape or just to have a good time, the Aquadôme in Lasalle is the place for you and the entire family.


Attention Swimmers: Bring your own towels and a lock for your locker.

Note: Free parking